In an emergency, it's critical to have the appropriate tools and be adequately prepared. Information must be accurate and delivered quickly. When emergency situations are handled well it reassures our citizens and creates a safer environment. When something happens and time is of the essence, My911On is the shortest path - a direct line - from Government, Fire, Police, Weather, EMT and Rescue to families, schools, and businesses. When information needs to be conveyed as quickly and reliably as possible My911On is the solution.

How can an Emergency Services Dept sign-up? The system is FREE and the cost is covered by local businesses in your community through a sponsorship. There are several sponsorship levels to choose from. The higher the sponsor commitment, the greater the ad exposure for the sponsor. To find out how you can become a sponsor CLICK HERE or go to our Sponsor Page for more information.

Who it's for? Fire Departments, Police Departments, EMT and Rescue, News and Weather, Government and Schools.

What it does? Enables the Service Provider to put information directly in the hands of subscribers when the Provider wants to get it to them. Almost guaranteeing a 100% read rate.

All My911On Services are completely private and at no time can anyone access or see the opted in phone numbers. The system is secure and password protected. All subscribers must double opt-in, giving their permission to receive text messages from the Service Provider and supporting sponsors.​

Good relationships among the Emergency Services Providers and the community are essential to good communication. In an ideal world, face-to-face meetings or personal calls would make up the bulk of that communication. However, since we live in the real world, with real-world staff time limitations, My911On is the next best thing. It's the right combination of personalized messaging and speed. My911On is an essential tool to increase efficiency, so that parents, staff, and students feel well-informed and connected.

Questions or More Information? Call Toll Free 1-888-966-9911 or 1-888-96-my911